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 Post subject: D3 horns review in general and D3 vs. Alex 103s? Thoughts?
PostPosted: Thu Feb 28, 2019 2:53 pm 

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Any thoughts on playing characteristics that the D3 (not the signature baborak) are sought after on their own and/or compared to the 103s?

Craftsmanship between Durk and Alex. Are there specific serial numbers on D3s that are superior. The first 100, 200, the newer ones?

Not too many D3s out there and wanted some input from horn enthusiasts. Thank you

 Post subject: Re: D3 horns review in general and D3 vs. Alex 103s? Thought
PostPosted: Fri Mar 01, 2019 7:00 pm 
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How many Durk or Duerk horns are being played in the UK? If it's a copy of an Alexander then why not play an Alex?

 Post subject: Re: D3 horns review in general and D3 vs. Alex 103s? Thought
PostPosted: Fri Mar 01, 2019 8:27 pm 
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Who Plays What?
Horn Make/Model Survey
Note by Paul Navarro:
As you look at who plays what in whatever section, it is important to consider that the instrument chosen by a particular player just might not be the instrument that the player likes the best out of all of the instruments available.

Some of the considerations that may influence what instrument is chosen to use may include: (not in order of importance)
+the principal's preference
+the conductor's preference
+what works best within their section
+what works best with the acoustics of the hall
+repertoire considerations - especially for chamber orchestras

[JA: also note that most of the orchestral players on the list are principal players and choose their instruments for that position. Low horn players may have different choices.]

Player (orchestra) - Horn model
Brian Adamski (US Army Band Europe) – Paxman 25L
Jeffrey Agrell (University of Iowa) – Schmid Eb triple/Paxman descant
Edward Allen (New Zealand Symphony) – Paxman 75-3
Bruce Andrus (Atlanta Symphony Orchestra) - Karl Hill Triple
Cara Aneff (NY Philharmonic) - Schmid triple
Matthew Annin (Milwaukee SO) - Rauch, Hill descant
Nicolai Apostol (Danish Philharmonic Orchestra) - Paxman 70L/Schmid triple
Sumiharu Arima (Tokyo Metropolitan SO) - Alexander 107
Joe Assi (Sarasota SO) - Berg
Bruce Atwell (University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, Milwaukee Ballet) – Schmidt

Radek Baborak (Berliner Philharmoniker) Alex 103
Ethan Bearman (LA Philharmonic) - Rauch
Andrew Bain (LA Philharmonic) - Lukas
Joachim Bänsch (Stuttgart Radio SO) - Schmid triple
Angela Barnes (London SO) Alex 1103
Paul Basler (University of Florida) – Schmid Eb triple
Sue Baxendale (Scottish Opera) – Alex 103
Bill Bernatis (University of Nevada, Las Vegas Philharmonic) Schmid Eb triple/Conn 8D
Kendall Betts (University of New Hampshire, ex-Minnesota Orchestra) - Lawson
Richard Bissill (London Philharmonic Orchestra, Guildhall School) - Yamaha 668
Nigel Black (Philharmonia Orchestra, Royal College of Music) Paxman 40
Paul Blackstone (4 Hornsmen… Quartet) Paxman 23E
Myron Bloom (Indiana University) – Hoyer
John Boden (Portland SO) - Geyer
Jon Boen (Lyric Opera of Chicago) – Berg/Paxman triple
Javier Bonet (Orquesta Nacional de Espana) - Schmid triple
Russell Bonifede (Hong Kong Philharmonic) - Schmid
Bruce Bonnell (Central Michigan University) – Paxman 25E
Lisa Bontrager (Penn State University) – Holton Merker H-276/Hill triple

Todd Bowermaster (St Louis SO) – Hill triple, Rauch, Berg, Schmidt
Aaron Brant (Dayton Philharmonic) – Hill Schmidt
Richard Britsch (Grand Rapids SO) - Kortesmaki Geyer/Kortesmaki descant
Jeffrey Bryant (Guildhall School of Music; ex-London SO) Paxman 40
Timothy Brown (Academy of St. Martin in the Fields) - Alex 90/103/Cornford 28
Jörg Brückner (Munich Philharmonic) – Alex 103
Richard Burdick (Regina SO) – Durk D3
Wade Butin (Honolulu SO) - Berg

William Caballero (Pittsburgh SO) - Paxman triple
Nicole Caluori (West Point Band) - Lawson Classical - Ambronze
Oto Carrillo (Chicago SO) - Lewis

Nicole Cash (San Francisco SO) - Rauch
Tony Catterick (London Mozrt Players) - Alex 103/107 descant
André Cazalet (Orchestre de Paris) Hoyer C1 Triple
John Cerminaro (Seattle SO) - Schmid triple
Ilene Chanon (Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra) - Rauch
Richard Chenoweth (University of Dayton, Dayton SO) – Yamaha 891 (triple)/881 descant
Robert Cherry (US Army Field Band) – Schmid Eb triple
Fernando Chiappero (Orquesta Filarmonica de Buenos Aires) - Alex 103/Schmid triple
Anthony Chidell (ex-London SO, London Phil) Holton 188
Rachel Childers (Boston SO) - Rauch

Shane Clare (US Army Band - Pershing's Own) – Patterson Triple (ML), Paxman
John Clark (NY freelancer, jazz soloist) – Conn 12D
Sandra Clark (Toledo SO) – Alex with ascending 3rd valve/Alex 107
Hans Clebsch (Cleveland SO) - Conn 8D
Oliver de Clercq (Vancouver SO) – Schmid, Schmid triple, Conn 8D

Aaron Cockson (US Army Band "Pershing's Own") – Conn 8D/Lawson
Samuel Compton (Memphis SO) – Ricco Kuhn Triple

David Cooper (Berlin Philharmonic) Alex 103
James Cox (Israel Philharmonic) - Yamaha/Geyer/Alex triple
Sarah Cranson (Houston Grand Opera Orchestra) - Ricco Kuhn

Robert Craven (US Army Band "Pershing's Own") – Patterson Triple (L)
Max Cripe (US Marine Band) – Lawson
Dennis Cruz (Manila SO) - Alex 103

Rebekah Daley (North Carolina SO) - Atkinson Geyer
Robert Danforth (Indianapolis SO) - Conn, Schmidt model
Laurence Davies (Royal Philharmonic) – Alex 103
Richard Deane (NY Philharmonic) - Schmid Triple
Gintaras Deerbavieius (Lithuanian State SO) - Paxman
Neil Deland (Toronto SO) – Rauch
Jhong De Leon (Manila SO) - Conn 8D/Schmid
Johannes Dengler (Bavaria State Opera) – Alex 103
Benito Diaz (Orquesta Sinfonica de Puerto Rico) – Ricco Kühn
Stefan Dohr (Berliner Philharmoniker) - Alex 103
Frank Donaruma (American Ballet Theatre Orchestra) – Geyer
Brian Drake (Los Angeles Philharmonic) – Ricco Kühn
Susanna Drake (Chicago SO) - Lewis
Lydia van Dreel (University of Oregon, Eugene SO, Quadre) - Berg
Antoine Dreyfuss (Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio-France) - Yamaha
Kelly Drifmeyer (State University of New York-Potsdam) Lewis
Julie-Anne Ferland Drolet (Quebec SO) – Yamaha 667VS
Vladimir Dubois (Opéra de Paris) – Alex 103
Carsten Duffin (Bavarian Radio SO) - Alex 103

Pip Eastop (London Chamber Orchestra, Royal College of Music) – Schmid

​Brooke Eberly (US Army Band - Pershing's Own) – Ricco Kuhn (M)
Michal Emanovsky (Seoul SO) – Alex 103
Rodolfo Epelde (Orquesta Nacional de Espana) - Willson CS250
John Ericson (Arizona State University) – Willson Geyer double, Paxman 83L compensating triple, Paxman pre-40 descant
David Evans (West Australian SO) - Alex 103/Schmid ES5E
Graeme Evans (Melbourne SO) – Paxman 25/20/44
Patricia Evans (Winnipeg SO) - Yamaha 867V

Randall Faust (University of Western Illinois) – Lawson Classical/Geyer/Paxman Model 40 descant/Holton 179 (Lawson leadpipe)Greg Flint (Elgin SO) – Conn 8D

Jeff Fair (Seattle SO) Lewis double, Kuehn triple
Lin Foulk (Western Michigan University) – Yamaha 867 Geyer model
Elizabeth Freimuth (Cincinnati SO) – Berg

Janine Gaboury (Michigan State University, Lansing SO) – Paxman 23E/Yamaha 667V
Luiz Garcia (Orquestra Sinfonica Brasileira) – Alex 103
Randy Gardner (Cincinnati Conservatory) – Paxman 25A/Ricco Kühn triple/Conn 8D/Hill triple
Ivo Gass (Munich Philharmonic) – Alex 103
Michael Gast (Minnesota Orchestra) – Lawson Fourier, Lawson descant, Paxman descant
Brian G’froerer (CBC Vancouver Orchestra) - Yamaha 667V, Alex 107
Bruce Gifford (Utah SO) - Schmid triple
Dan Gingrich (Chicago SO) - Lewis
Juan Gomez (Barcelona SO) – Alex 103
Audrey Good (Toronto SO, 4 Hornsmen… Quartet) - Rauch
Ralf Götz (Gewandhausorchester Leipzig) – Alex 103
Marjolaine Goulet (Quebec SO) – Alex 103, Jungwirth Vienna Horn, Paxman 70L
Volker Grewel (Beethoven Orchester Bonn) - Alex 103
David Griffin (Chicago SO) - Lewis (Pinc leadpipe)
Steven Gross (Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra) – Paxman 40X descant

Greg Haas (Nashville Philharmonic) - Yamaha 667
Allene Hackleman (Edmonton SO) - Schmid
Marty Hackleman (National Symphony, ex-Canadian Brass) – Schmid triple
Anthony Halstead (ex-LSO, BBC SO et al.) Conn 8D Elkhart 1965
Jeremy Hansen (Tennessee Tech University) - Schmid
Cormac Ó hAodáin (RTE Concert Orchestra) - Alex 90
Andy Harris (Orchestra Iowa) – Kruspe
Egon Hellrung (Gürzenich Orchester Köln) – Mönnig

​David Heyde (Dallas SO) Lewis
Barbara Hill (Hartford SO) - Schmid triple
Bruno Hiron (Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa) - Schmid triple
Martin Hobbs (London Philharmonic) - Yamaha 668 MK2
Zoltan Holb (Sinfonieorchester St. Gallen) - Schmid triple
Pamela Howard (Boise Philharmonic) – Conn 8D
Bill Hoyt (University of Akron) – Schmidt model Geyer
Bruce Hudson (Minnesota Orchestra) – Paxman triple, McCracken
Patrick Hughes (University of Texas-Austin) – Conn 8D
Doug Hull (San Francisco SO) - Yamaha custom Geyer model
Gregory Hustis (Dallas SO) – Berg

Paul Ingraham (Yale University, NY freelancer) – Alexander

Benjamin Jaber (San Diego SO) – Rauch
Ben Jacks (Sydney SO) - Paxman 23
Timothy Jackson (Philharmonia Orchestra) Yamaha 668

Samuel Jacobs (Royal Philharmonic Orchestra) Alex 103
Ronald Janezic (Wiener Philharmoniker) - Yamaha Vienna horn
Bruce Jensen (Minnesota Orchestra) - Lawson
Herman Jeurissen (Residentie Orkest) – Schmid
Stefan de Leval Jerzierski (Berlin Philharmonic) - Alex 103
Lin Jiang (Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra) - Yamaha YHR867KRD
David Johnson (Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana) – Paxman triple
Robert Johnson (Sydney SO) – Otto/Alex
Timothy Jones (London SO) - Paxman 20/Hoyer Wagner Tuba
Thomas Jöstlein (St. Louis SO) Berg, Schmid triple
Andrew Joy (Cologne Radio SO) – Otto Triple

Mahir Kalmik (Frankfurt SO) – Alex 103
Andrew Karr (Shanghai Broadcasting SO) - Conn 8D
Roger Kaza (St. Louis SO) – Schmid Eb triple, Kruspe, Conn 8D
Jacob Keiding (Copenhagen Philharmonic) – Alex 103/107
Peter Keserü (ORF Radio-Symphonieorchester Wien) – Cornford 28
Linda Kimball (Madison SO) – Yamaha 800 series/Geyer
Richard King (Cleveland SO) – Conn 8D
Bill Klingelhoffer (San Francisco Opera) – Conn 8D/Paxman triple
Sergei Korobov (Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra) Alex 107
Nicholas Korth (BBC SO) - Schmid Bb/Eb alto
David Kruse (Eugene Symphony Orchestra) - Lawson Fourier
Jonathan Kuhns (Hong Kong Sinfonietta) - Alex 013
Peter Kurau (Rochester Philharmonic) – Conn 8D
Eric Kushner (Wiener Symphoniker) – Paxman Triple

Bill Lane (Los Angeles Philharmonic) – Paxman triple
Jeffrey Lang (Philadelphia Orchestra) – Yamaha triple/Conn 8D
Robert Langbein (Staatskapelle Dresden) – Alex 103
Andreas Langosch (Dresden Staatskapelle) - Hoyer 7801
Hans Larsson (Swedish Radio SO) - Finke Brendan
Dave Lee (Birmingham SO [UK]) Schmid single Bb
Michael Lewellen (Ft Wayne Philharmonic) Alex 103
Saul Lewis (Melbourne SO) - Paxman 25
Tony Licata (4 Hornsmen… Quartet) - Yamaha 668 (de Haro mouthpipe)
Geoff Lierse (Melbourne SO) - Otto 267 K model
Wolfgang Lintner (Wiener Philharmonkier) - Yamaha Vienna horn
Jonathan Lipton (London SO, Guildhall School of Music) – Conn 28D/Conn 8D
Frank Lloyd (Folkwang Hochschule) – Schmid
Laurence Lowe (Brigham Young University) – Schmid triple
Joseph Lovinsky (U.S. Army Band) - Schmid Eb triple

Sybille Mahni-Haas (Frankfurt Opera) – Alex 103
Carlos Malonda (Orquesta Nacional de Espana) - Schimd triple
Erich Markwart (Dresden Staatskapelle) – Hoyer 7801
Markus Maskuniitty (Royal Stockholm Philhmarmonic) - Alex 103
Eldon Matlick (University of Oklahoma) – Lewis/Conn 28D/Otto descant
Alan Mattingly (University of Nebraska) – Yamaha 861/Schmid
Lasse Mauritzen (Danish National Radio SO) - Otto
Susan McCullough (Denver University, Denver Brass) – Yamaha 861 custom (Geyer model)
Trinette McClimont (Melbourne SO) - Cornford 28
Jesse McCormick (Cleveland SO) - Conn 8D
Robert McCosh (Calgary Philharmonic) – Berg
Hector McDonald (Vienna SO) Yamaha Vienna horn
John MacDonald (Frankfurt Radio SO) Schmid Eb triple
Fergus McWilliam (Berlin Philharmonic) – Alex 103
William Melton (Aachen SO) – Alex 103
Jonathan Menkis (Boston SO) - Geyer
Martin van de Merwe (Rotterdam Philharmonic) – Paxman 75-3L
Patrick Miles (University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point) – Yamaha 867 Geyer model
Simon Miller (Brisbane SO) – Alexander
Gareth Mollison (London Philharmonic) - Yamaha 668 MK2
Reinhold Möller (Bamberger Symphoniker) – Alex 103
Jennifer Montone (Philadelphia Orchestra) – Rauch/Conn 8D
Jerry Montgomery (Indianapolis SO) - Geyer
Eric Moore (US Navy Band) – Lawson ‘Classical’
Nigel Moore (Leicester SO) – Schmidt
François Morela (Orchestre National de Montpellier) – Schmid triple
Christian Müller (Komische Oper Berlin) - Schmid
Philip Munds (Baltimore SO) – Paxman 23E
Jacek Muzyk (Houston SO) – Berg
Phillip Myers (NY Philharmonic) – Schmid triple

Salvador Navarro (Orquesta Nacional de Espana) - Schmid triple
Joe Neisler (Illinois State University, Peoria SO) – Conn 8DYS/Lewis Schmidt model/Knopf model Schilke
Jeff Nelsen (Indiana University, Canadian Brass) – Otto 180K-JN
Christopher Newport (London Mozart Players) - Paxman model 40
Leslie Norton (Nashville SO) – Cantesanu Model C
Alejandro Nuñez (Sinfonieorchester Basel) – Schmid triple

Joseph Ognibene (Iceland SO) – Schmid (with stopping valve)/Paxman triple
Laurel Bennert Ohlson (National SO) – Schmid Eb triple
Eric Overholt (LA Philharmonic) – Atkinson AG2000
Martin Owen (BBC SO, Trinity College, RAM) Alex 107

Mika Paajanen (Helsinki Philharmonic) – Dürk D3/Jungwirth & Yamaha Vienna horn
Marsha Palmer (West Virginia SO) - Schmid triple
Macario Panganiban (Manila SO) - King
Chris Parkes (Swedish Radio SO) - Alex 103
Gary Pattison (National Ballet of Canada Orchestra) - Conn 8D
Bill Paulick (Juneau SO) - Conn 8D/Lawson/Schmid Descant/Schmid ES2
Jessica Pearce ((Illinois SO, Chicago Jazz Philharmonic) - Kortesmaki Hill
Andrew Pelletier (Bowling Green University, Ann Arbor SO, Michigan Opera) – Alex 103/Alex 107X descant
Richard Perrisi (L.A. studio freelance) - Conn 8D
Lubomir Petic (Cape Town Philharmonic) – Schmidt
Dan Philips (University of Memphis) - Schmid
Krystof Pipal (Milwaukee SO) - Ricco Kuhn triple
Karl Pituch (Detroit SO) – Rauch/Hill (Kortesmaki) triple/Schmid triple
Charles Putnam (Beethoven Orchester Bonn; American Horn Quartet) - Rauch/Mönnig
David Pyatt (London SO) - Paxman 20L

Erik Ralske (Metropolitan Opera) – Schmid triple

Jim Rattigan (jazz soloist) – Paxman 33

Vincent Ramos (Manila SO) - Conn 8D
Kevin Reid (Jacksonville SO) - Schmid ES1
Hubert Renner (Sinfonieorchester St. Gallen) – Schmid
Jonathan Ring (San Francisco SO) - Geyer

Mark Robbins (Seattle SO) - Patterson triple, Kuehn triple
Bruce Roberts (San Francisco SO) - Roberts BR-3
Timo Ronkainen (Helsinki Philharmonic) – Lewis/Jungwirth Vienna horn
Gregory Roosa (Los Angeles Philharmonic) - Rauch
Julia Rose (Columbus Symphony) – Rauch (Cantesanu leadpipe)
John Ryan (London Philharmonic) – Alex 1103

Erik Sandberg (Aalborg SO) Cornford​

Kelly Satterwhite (US Army Band "Pershing's Own") Patterson Triple (ML), Hill Geyer
Kathryn Saunders (Royal Philharmonic) – Paxman 25
Bill Scharnberg (University of North Texas, Dallas Opera) – Schmid/Alex descant/Paxman Bb/hi-Bb
Michael Schneider (Dresdner Philharmonie) - Mönnig
Robert Schnepps (Bruckner Orchester Linz) - Schmid
Georg Schreckenberger (Berlin Philharmonic) - Alex 103

Uwe Schrumpf (Duesseldorfer Symphoniker) Alex 103
Bruce Schultz (Tulsa SO) - Lawson Fourier; Paxman Mod. 75L triple
Bernhard Scully (University of Illinois) – Rauch/Lawson/Lawson descant
James Schumacher (Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra) - Lawson custom
Robert Schnepps (Bruckner Orchester Linz) – Schmid
Wilhelm Schwäger (Mozarteum Orchester Salzburg) – Dürk D3
Richard Sebring (Boston Symphony Orchestra) – Geyer/Schmid/Paxman
Hugh Seenan (Guildhall School of Music, ex-LSO) – Paxman 45
Samuel Seidenberg (Frankfurt Radio SO) - Alex 103
Richard Seraphinoff (Indiana University) - Schmid
Victor Shaffer (Moscow Philharmonic) – Alex 107
Jennifer Sholtis (Texas A&M at Kingsville) - Alexander 103
Sue Shorland (Band of the RAF Regiment) - Alex 103/Schmid double
Rachel Silver (Melbourne SO) - Alex 103
James Smelser (Chicago SO) - Lewis
Ellen Dinwiddie Smith (Minnesota Orchestra) - Lawson Fourier
Nicholas Smith (Wichita State University, Wichita Symphony) – Paxman Model 85
Skip Snead (University of Alabama) – Knopf/Yamaha 881D descant
Jeff Snedeker (Central Washington University, Yakima SO) Patterson Custom (based on 8D)
Jason Snider (Boston SO) – Rauch/Berg/Jungwirth
Tony Snyder (Guelph SO) – Schmid double/Schmid Eb triple
Laurence Solowey (Sarasota SO) - Rauch
James Sommerville (Boston SO) – Yamaha 861
Georg Sonnleitner (Vienna SO) - Yamaha Vienna horn, Yamaha 667
Allen Spanjer (NY Philharmonic) – Conn 8D
Michelle Stebleton (Florida State University) – Hill Schmidt model/Hill triple/Holton descant/Kronlein single Bb/Schmidt
Leelanee Sterrett (NY Philharmonic) Schmid triple
Tim Stidwill (Birmingham Philharmonic) - Holton H104
Bob Stoel (Rotterdam Philharmonic) – Paxman 75-3L
Lars Michael Stransky (Wiener Philharmoniker) - Yamaha Vienna horn
Tina Su (University of Northern Iowa) – Schmid Eb triple
Alberto Suarez (Kansas City SO) – Lewis

Mark Taylor (NYC jazz soloist & freelancer) – Paxman 40 (Atkinson red brass flare)
James Thatcher (University of Southern California, L.A. freelancer) – Conn 8D

Julie Thayer (St. Louis SO) – Rauch, Berg
David Thompson (Hong Kong Philharmonic) - McCracken 7
Virginia Thompson (West Virginia University) - Lawson, Paxman descant
Michael Thornton (Colorado SO) Rauch
Rick Todd (LA Chamber Orchestra, L.A. freelancer, University of Miami) – Hoyers: 6801, 6802, 7801, 7802, RT91 descant
Wolfgang Tomböck, Jr. (Wiener Philharmoniker) - Jungwirth Vienna horn

Jochen Ubbelohde (Dresden Staatskapelle) - Alex 103
Adam Unsworth (University of Michigan, ex-Philadelphia Orchestra) Hill Schmidt model/Hill single Bb

Jessica Valeri (San Francisco SO) - Geyer model Hill
Hans van der Zanden (Brussels Philharmonic) - Alex 103
Bill VerMeulen (Rice University, Houston SO) – Berg/Schmid triple

Tommi Viertonen (Finnish National Opera) Alex 103
Eyal Vilner (Jerusalem SO) – Alexander
Lawrence Vine (National Arts Centre Orchestra [Canada]) Schmid, Schmid triple
Mark Vines (Hong Kong Philharmonic) – Paxman 20/Alex 103
Radovan Vlatkovic (soloist, Mozarteum Music Academy) – Paxman 20M
Jan Vorboril (Czech Philharmonic) – Schmid triple
Ondrej Vrabec (Czech Philharmonic) – Alex 103

Corbin Wagner (Michigan State U) - Hill (Kortesmaki) Schmidt
Howard Wall (NY Philharmonic) – Schmid
Klaus Wallendorf (Berlin Philharmonic) - Alex 103
Robert Ward (San Francisco SO) – Geyer
Joan Watson (Canadian Opera Company Orchestra) – Yamaha 862
Frøydis Ree Wekre (Norwegian State Academy of Music) – Rauch
Janelle Wiebe (Thunder Bay SO) - Paxman (sic)
Gail Williams (Northwestern University, ex-Chicago Symphony Orchestra) - Hill
Sarah Willis (Berlin Philharmonic) - Alex 103
Herb Winslow (Minnesota Orchestra) Lawson Fourier/Paxman descant/Lawson descant
Geoffrey Winter (Beethoven Orchester Bonn) – Paxman triple/Finke/Otto

Michael Winter (Boston SO) Atkinson, Geyer

Michael Winter (Boston SO) - Atkinson, Geyer
Daniel Wood (L.A. freelance, Quadre) - Ricco Kühn
Gerald Wood (4 Hornsmen… Quartet) - Paxman 25
Kimberly Wright (San Francisco SO) - Lewis

Hans van der Zanden (Brussels Philharmonic) Alex 103
Andrej Zust (Berlin Philharmonic) - Alex 103

Orchestra Sections
Aachen SO (Germany)– Lawson/Alexander descant, Alex 103, Fehr, Alex 103, Fehr
Amarillo SO: Lewis-Duerk LDx5, Schmid Eb triple, Conn 8D, Conn 11D, Kruspe
Baltimore SO: Paxman 23E, Schmid triple, Yamaha 861, Holton/Lawson, Rauch, Hill
Barcelona SO: McCracken, McCracken, McCracken, McCracken, McCracken, Knopf
Bayerisches Staatsorchester: Alex 103, Alex 103, Alex 103, Alex 103, Alex 103, Alex 103, Alex 103
Berliner Philharmoniker: 8X Alex 103
Boston SO: Geyer/Yamaha/Berg/Paxman, Geyer/Schmid, Alexander, Rauch/Berg, Geyer
Brisbane SO: Alex, Alex 103, Conn 28D, Holton
Canadian Opera Company Orchestra: Yamaha 862, Conn 8D, Alex 103, Conn 8D
Calgary Philharmonic: Berg, Rauch, Schmidt, Berg, Berg
Chicago Lyric Opera: Berg/Paxman triple, Berg/Hill descant, Conn 28D, Hoyer/Paxman triple, Geyer
Chicago SO: Lewis, Lewis, Lewis, Lewis, Lewis, Lewis
Cincinnati SO: Berg, Schmid triple (F/Bb/Eb), Berg, Karl Hill Schmidt, Alex 103, Hill
Cleveland SO: Conn 8D, Conn 8D, Conn 8D, McCracken, Conn8D
Colorado SO: Rauch, Lewis, Schmid, Berg, Rauch
Copenhagen Philharmonic: Alex 103/107, Alex 103, Dürk D3, Kühn/Otto single Bb/Kruspe
Dallas SO: Lawson/Conn 8D, Schmid triple/Rauch, Hoyer, Rauch, Schmid triple
Dayton SO: Yamaha 891 (triple)/881 descant, Sorley, Schmidt, Yamaha 817/Holton descant, Hill
Detroit SO: Rauch/Hill (Kortesmaki) triple, Hill Schmidt, Hill Schmidt, Rauch, Conn 28D, Conn 28D
Elgin SO: Conn 8D, Geyer, Schmidt, Geyer
Gewandhausorchester Leipzig: Alex 103, Alex 103, Alex 103, Schmid, Alex 103, Alex 103, Alex 103, Alex 103, Alex 103, Alex 103, Alex 103
Helsinki Philharmonic: Lewis/Vienna horn, Dürk D3/Vienna horn, Schmid, Alex 103/Vienna horn, Alex 200, Alex 103, Vienna horn
Hong Kong Philharmonic - McCracken, Schmid, Schmid, Atkinson, Schmid, Rauch
Honolulu SO: Berg, McCracken, Lewis, Conn 8D, McCracken, Berg
Houston SO: Berg/Schmid triple, Berg, Berg, Rauch, Rauch
Indianapolis SO: Hill Schmdit, Lewis, Geyer, Geyer, Geyer, Geyer
Kansas City SO: Lews, Lewis, Rauch, Rauch, Conn 8D
Lithuanian State SO - Paxman, Paxman, Paxman, Paxman, Paxman, Paxman,
London Chamber Orchestra - Schmid, Paxman
London Mozart Players - Paxman 40, Alex 103/107 descant
London Philharmonic Orchestra - Yamaha 667V, Alex 1103, Yamaha 668 MK2, Yamaha 668 MK2
Louisville SO: Conn 8D, Lawson, Hill/Conn 8D, Atkinson/Paxman triple/Hill, Lawson
Manila SO: Conn 8D/Schmid, Alex 103, King, Conn 8D
Melbourne SO: Paxman 25/20/44, Otto 167K, Paxman 40, Alex 308, Cornford 28
Memphis SO: Ricco Kuhn Triple, Schmid triple, Lewis, Alex 103, Berg
Metropolitan Opera Orchestra: Conn 8D/Schmid descant, Conn 8D, Conn 8D, Conn 8D, Conn 8D, Conn 8D, Conn 8D/Schmid, Conn 8D, Conn 8D, Conn 8D
Milwaukee SO: Hatch/Yamaha triple, Ricco Kühn triple, Hatch, Yamaha 667D, Yamaha 863
Minnesota Orchestra: Lawson Fourier/Lawson descant/Paxman descant; Lawson Fourier/Lawson descant/Paxman descant; Lawson Fourier; Lawson Fourier; Schmid triple
Munich Philharmonic - Alex 103, Schmid triple, Alex 103, Alex 103, Alex 103, Alex 103, Paxman
Nashville SO: Lawson, Rauch, Rauch, Hill, Rauch
Naval Academy Band - Lawson, Yamaha 867, Ricco Kühn, Lawson
New York Philharmonic: Schmid triple, Schimid triple, Conn 8D, Schmid
New Zealand SO - Paxman 75-3, Hoyer 7801, Paxman 23 Europa, Yamaha 667/Yamaha triple, Paxman 25
Omaha SO - Lewis, Lewis, Paxman 25, Sprague Custom Geyer/Conn 8D, Atkinson
Opernhaus Zürich - Alex 303 triple, Alex 103, 103, 103, 1103, 103, 103, Schmidt
Orchestre de Paris - Hoyer triple, Paxman 20M, Schmid, Alex 103, Hoyer triple, Alex, Alex 103
Orchestre Symphonique de Québec - Schmid Eb triple, Paxman 70l/Alex 104, Conn 8D, Yamaha 667VS, Schmid
Philadelphia Orchestra: Rauch/Conn 8D, Yamaha triple/Conn 8D, Conn 8D, Paxman 25L, Conn 8D/Yamaha triple, Conn 8D
Pittsburgh SO: Paxman triple, Paxman 25L, Schmidt, Rauch, Schmidt, Hill
Polish National Radio Orchestra - Thein, Thein, Thein, Thein, Thein, Thein, Thein
Portland SO - Geyer, Ricco Kühn, Rauch, Geyer
RAF Central Band - Paxman 25L, Paxman 25M, Paxman 25L, Paxman 25L, Alex 103, Paxman 25L, Paxman 25L
Rochester Philharmonic: Conn 8D, Hill/Schmidt, Lawson, Kruspe, Ricco Kühn
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Alex 103, Paxman 25L, Paxman, Paxman 20L
St. Louis SO: Schmid triple, Rauch, Rauch/Berg/Hill/Schmidt, Rauch/Schmidt, Schmid triple/Paxman triple
St. Paul Chamber Orchestra: Rauch/Lawson/Lawson descant, Rauch/Conn 8D/Paxman descant
San Diego SO: Conn 8D, Conn 8D, Conn 8D, Conn 8D/McCracken
San Francisco SO: Hill/Hill descant, Atkinson/Paxman descant, Atkinson/Geyer, Lewis, Yamaha(?), Hill
Scottish Opera - Alex 103, Alex 1103, Alex 1103, Kruspe
Sydney SO: Otto/Alex, Paxman 23, Alex 1103, Paxman 23, Rauch/Paxman 23, Hoyer 5801PM
Tonhalle Orchestra - Alex 103, Alex 103, Alex 103, Willson, Alex 103, Alex 103
Toronto SO: Rauch, Schmid triple/Yamaha 667V, Conn 8D, Berg, Conn 8D
US Army Field Band - Conn 8D, Hatch, Schmid Eb triple, Hoyer 7801, Conn 8D
US Navy Band - Lawson, Paxman 25L, Schmid, Paxman New World, Conn 8D, Kühn triple, Schmid
Vancouver SO: Schmid, Yamaha 867, Conn 8D, Berg, Berg
West Point Band - Lawson, Ricco Kühn, Rauch, Geyer, Lawson, Schmid

Hermann Baumann (soloist, Essen Musikhochschule) – Alexander single Bb
Bill Barnewitz (Milwaukee SO) – Hatch/Yamaha triple
Lee Bracegirdle (Sydney SO) - Conn 8D

Dale Clevenger (Chicago SO) – Lewis, Paxman descant
Peter Damm (Dresden Staatskappelle) – Mönnig single Bb
James Decker (University of Southern California, LA freelancer) – 700,000 series Conn 8D
Vincent DeRosa (University of Southern California, L.A. freelancer) – Conn 8D
Lowell Greer (Toldeo SO) – Alex 107
Douglas Hill (University of Wisconsin) – Yamaha 668
Julie Landsman (Metropolitan Opera Orchestra) – Conn 8D, Schmid descant
Ib Lanzky-Otto (Stockholm Philharmonic) – Alexander 102, Rauch
Christopher Leuba (Chicago SO) – Geyer
Albert Linder (Stockholm Philharmonic) – Alexander 102
Richard Moore (Metropolitan Opera) – Alexander
Paul Navarro (Chicago Lyric Opera) – Rauch/Schmid triple
Verne Reynolds (Eastman School of Music) - King Eroica
Gunther Schuller (Metropolitan Opera) – Kruspe
Paul Tervelt (Milwaukee Symphony) – Geyer/Paxman descant
Barry Tuckwell – Kruspe (1960s)

Georges Barboteu (Orchestre de Paris) – Courtois ascending
John Barrows (University of Wisconsin) – Schmidt
Arthur Berv (NBC Orchestra) – Conn 8D/Kruspe/Schmidt (for chamber music & solos)
Harry Berv (NBC Orchestra) – Conn 8D/Kruspe
Jack Berv (NBC Orchestra) – Conn 8D (one of the first made ca. 1938)
Aubrey Brain (BBC Symphony, Royal Academy of Music) – Raoux-Labbaye
Dennis Brain (Philharmonia SO) – Raoux/Alexander
Franck Brouk (Chicago SO) – Schmidt/Geyer
Ellen Campbell (University of Missouri Conservatory) Geyer/Paxman descant (ascending 3rd valve)
James Chambers (NY Philharmonic) – Conn 8D
Alan Civil (BBC Symphony – Alexander single Bb
Philip Farkas (Indiana University, ex-Chicago SO) – Geyer/Conn 8D/Holton
Anton Horner (Philadelphia Orchestra) - Kruspe
Ifor James (English Chamber Orchestra, Philip Jones Brass Ensemble, Folkwang Academy) – Alexander 107V/Paxman 40
Mason Jones (Philadelphia Orchestra) – Kruspe
Abe Kniaz (National Symphony) – Conn 8D
Clyde Miller (Detroit SO) - Geyer
Neil Saunders (Philharmonia) – Paxman 40
Morris Secon (Rochester SO) – Alexander
Joseph Singer (NY Philharmonic) - Geyer
James Stagliano (Boston SO) – Alexander
Miroslav Stefek (Czech Philharmonic) – Kruspe Wendler model/Knopf
Jay Wadenpfuhl (Boston SO) – Geyer

 Post subject: Re: D3 horns review in general and D3 vs. Alex 103s? Thought
PostPosted: Fri Mar 01, 2019 10:28 pm 

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TonyC wrote:
How many Durk or Duerk horns are being played in the UK? If it's a copy of an Alexander then why not play an Alex?

It's like saying why copy the kruspe style at all. Only Conns should exist in the world, why did Hoyer, patterson, and so many other horn makers use that type of wrap. Horn makers are the real artist into why the horn sounds the way they sound. I was just curious of the craftmanship of the horns. D3 not the signature series is a horn that out of all the Durk horns is the most scarce when I try to look for info on them. The little that I have found out have all said amazing things about them, but then again only a few. If they are so "amazing" why aren't they as sought after as other Alex 103s? 103s if you have played are either the best hurn you've ever played in your life or they are the worst. Sometimes you'd say it plays "ok" still not a horn you would buy with an "ok" sound. Just want other people's 2 cents. A topic to chat about with other horn enthusiast.

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