About PHC

The PHC range of screw-rim horn mouthpieces was first introduced in 1971, when Halstead and Chidell were 1st and 2nd horns in the London Symphony Orchestra. Since then the range has been considerably expanded in response to requests, feedback and encouragement from players.

The present range extends to 2160 possible combinations. Through skilful engineering total compatibility has been achieved, so that any of the 12 rims, in whatever finish, may be combined with any of the 15 cups in Standard, Heavy, "Z" and Heavy "Z" cup types, giving 60 different PHC cups.

The PHC mouthpiece gives the player a wider range of choices than any other mouthpiece currently available anywhere in the world. A particularly attractive feature of the PHC range is that, once a suitable rim has been selected, any of the 60 cups may be used with that rim. Therefore, in practical terms, an imaginative player will select cups to musically enhance particular areas of the horn's repertoire, range and tone-quality, without any unsettling effect on the embouchure.