PHC in the Profession

PHC mouthpieces are widely used by professional horn players in the UK and around the world.

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Frank Lloyd, Virtuoso horn player and Professor of Horn at the Folkwang Academy in Essen 

Nigel Black, Principal Horn, Philharmonia Orchestra

Elspeth Dutch, Principal Horn, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra

John Ryan, Principal Horn, London Philharmonic Orchestra

Richard Bissill, Principal Horn, Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London

Simon Rayner, Principal Horn, Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London 

Timothy Jones, Principal Horn, London Symphony Orchestra

Angela Barnes, 2nd Horn, London Symphony Orchestra

Paul Klein, Principal Horn, Ulster Orchestra

Kathryn Saunders, 2nd Horn, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, London  

Laurence Davies, Principal Horn, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, London

Jeff Bryant, former 1st Horn RPO, now freelance horn player, London  

Peter Dyson, 4th Horn, City of Birmingham S.O.

Martin Owen, Principal Horn, BBC Symphony Orchestra

Tim Thorpe, Principal Horn, BBC National Orchestra of Wales

Irene Williamson, 2nd Horn, BBC National Orchestra of Wales

Ian Fisher, 3rd & 1st Horn, BBC National Orchestra of Wales

William Haskins, 4th Horn, BBC National Orchestra of Wales

Neil Shewan, Assistant Horn, BBC National Orchestra of Wales

Christopher Parkes, Principal Horn, Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra

Angus West, Principal Horn, Welsh National Opera

Martin Hobbs, 2nd Horn, London Philharmonic Orchestra

Mark Vines, 3rd Horn, London Philharmonic Orchestra 

Gareth Mollison, 4th Horn, London Philharmonic Orchestra

Roger Montgomery, Co-Principal, Royal Opera House

Andrew Antcliffe, 3rd Horn, BBC Symphony Orchestra

James Cox, Principal Horn, Israel Philharmonic

Robert Ashworth, Principal Horn, Opera North, Leeds

John Thurgood, Principal Horn, English National Opera

Andrew Sutton, 2nd Horn, English National Opera

Mark Phillips, 3rd Horn, City of Birmingham S.O.

Julian Plummer, 5th Horn, Halle Orchestra

Peter Blake, 2nd Horn, English National Opera

Richard Berry, Principal Horn, English Chamber Orchestra

Laurence Rogers, Principal Horn, Halle Orchestra 

Richard Bourn, 4th Horn, Halle Orchestra  

Andrey Danilkin, Principal Horn, Presidents Orchestra, Moscow

Maxim Melnikov, Principal Horn, Bolshoi Theatre

Jonathan Lipton, 4th Horn, London Symphony Orchestra

Andrew Pelletier, Soloist, USA 

Gavin Edwards, Principal Horn, Hanover Band, and London freelance player

Pip Eastop, freelance horn player, London  

Ted Chance, freelance horn player, London  
Tony Halstead, UK freelance player and Soloist

Paul Gardham, freelance horn player, London  
Zsolt Peter, 4th Horn, Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra

Andrew Clark, Principal Horn, O.A.E. and UK freelance player

Naomi Atherton, Principal Horn, Manchester Camerata

Diane Harper, 2nd Horn, Manchester Camerata

Lizzie Davis, freelance horn player, Manchester

Alexey Kamesh, 3rd Horn, Moscow Radio Symphony Orchestra

Alexia Cammish, freelance horn player, London  

Christian Rutherford, UK Freelance Player

Robert Evans, UK Freelance Player

Jane Hanna, freelance horn player, London

Heather Thompson, 4th Horn, New Zealand Symphony Orchestra

Jeremy Ainsworth, Solo Horn, Versatile Brass

Kevin Elliott, Principal Horn, Rambert Dance Company

David Bentley, 2nd horn, A.A.M. and UK freelance player
Paul Farr, Co-Principal Horn, Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, Norway 

Steve James, Principal Horn, Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, Norway

Miles Hewitt, Principal Horn, English Touring Opera

Hugh Seenan, London freelance and session player

Vladimir Toutchkov, 3rd Horn, Moscow Symphony Orchestra

Anton Onoprienko, 2nd Horn, Bolshoi Orchestra, Russia

Chris Larkin, 4th Horn, BBC Symphony Orchestra 

Edward Brown, Principal Horn, Santiago Philharmonic, Chile

Ivar Olsen, Co-Principal Horn, Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra

David Tollington, freelance horn player, Manchester

Andrew Fletcher, 4th Horn, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Adalto Soares, 4th Horn, Sao Paulo State Orchestra, Brasil

Dr Eduard Tauber, 3rd Horn, Porto Nacional Orchestra, Portugal

David Kutas, Solo Horn, Slovene Philharmonic Orchestra

Bostjan Lipovsek, Solo Horn, Slovene Radio-Simphony Orchestra

Metod Tomac, 3rd Horn, Slovene Philharmonic Orchestra

Philip Doyle, Principal Horn, Municipal Theatre, Rio de Janeiro

Martin Heppell, freelance horn player, London

Sven-Erik Sieurin, Swedish-American freelance player, Strangnas, Sweden 

Tina Brain, freelance horn player, Sydney, Australia 

Fernando Cintra de Andrade,Tutti Horn,Municipal Theatre,Rio de Janeiro

Stefan Gorasdza, 2nd & 4th Horn, Berlin Symphony Orchestra

Stephen Bell, Principal Horn, BBC Concert Orchestra, London

James Topp, freelance horn player, London 

Henrich Schaefer, NDR Radiophilharmonie Hannover, Germany

Jonathan Eddie, freelance horn player, London

Brendan Thomas, freelance horn player, London

Kathryn Saunders, 2nd Horn, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, London
Oliver Green (d), former 4th Horn, Philharmonia Orchestra, London

Richard Kennedy, 2nd/4th Horn, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden 

Thibauld Le Pogam, 3rd & 1st Horn, Schleswig-Holstein Symphony Orchestra, Germany 

Bernard Le Pogam, 1st & 3rd Horn, Pays-de-Loire National Orchestra, France 

Lilla Di Miceli, Nottingham Brass Quintet 

Jonathan Barrett, former Principal Horn, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

Phil Woods, 3rd Horn, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Chris Newport, Principal Horn, London Mozart Players

Tony Catterick, 2nd Horn, London Mozart Players

Robert Odmark, 2nd Horn, Washington National Opera Orchestra, USA

Kelly Alijani, Principal Horn, Cyprus State Orchestra

Rebecca Hill, Principal Horn, Scottish Opera

Reinhard Zmoelnig, 2nd Horn, Volksoper, Vienna 

Charles Whitworth, freelance horn player, Montpellier, France

Homer Lee, 3rd Horn, Hong Kong Philharmonic

Jonathan Luxton, Principal Horn, Gulbenkian Orchestra, Lisbon

Raul Diaz, freelance player, Geneva, Switzerland

Robert Cook, former Principal Horn, Scottish Chamber Orchestra

Darcey Andrade, 4th Horn, Gulbenkian Orchestra, Lisbon, Portugal

Andrew Moxon, freelance horn player, London

Jose Bernardo Silva, 4th Horn, Oporto National Orchestra, Portugal 

Alyce Whitman, USA, Florida-based freelance player

Dale Whitman, USA, Florida-based freelance player

Stephen MacAllister, Wiltshire-based Freelance Player

Paul Sawbridge, Gloucestershire-based Freelance Player

Catherine Rattray, freelance horn player, London

Michael Veazey, Gloucester-based Freelance Player

Marcus Bonna, former 4th Horn, Sao Paulo State Orchestra, Brasil

Anthony Chidell, freelance horn player, London

David Posner, Principal horn in the Orchestre Symphonique de Quebec

Gerald L. Welker, United States Air Force Academy Band and soloist in the USA

Andrew Pelletier, Horn soloist & Professor of Horn, College of Musical Arts, Bowling Green State University, USA  

Carole Lemire, Equinox Chamber Players, USA 

Carsten Williams, 4th & 2nd horn, Philharmonia, London

Jonathan Durrant, Sub principal horn, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden

Neil Mitchell, freelance horn player, London

Vitor Hugo Montagnolli, Principal Horn, Air Force Academy of Brazil

Chris Griffiths, Co-Principal Horn, Northern Sinfonia, England 

Alexey Furukin, Solo Horn, Moscow State Symphony Orchestra

Alastair Rycroft, freelance horn player, London

Matthias Predota, 2nd & 4th horn, Oper Graz, Austria

Ellie Reed, freelance horn player, London

Matteo Ravarelli, 2nd & 4th horn, Berner Symphonie Orchester 

Mattia Bussi, 3rd horn, Sarajevska Filharmonija (Bosnia and Hercegovina)
Victor Shaffer, Principal Horn, Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra, Russia 

Sergey Korobov, Regulator horn, Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra, Russia

Vladimir Boyko, 2nd horn, Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra, Russia 

Vyacheslav Taran, 3rd horn, Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra, Russia 

Vitaly Panasyuk, 4th horn, Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra, Russia 

Kenneth Henderson, Principal Horn, Musikkollegium Winterthur, Switzerland  

Bengt Ny, 2nd horn, Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra

Yen-Hsueh Lai, 4th Horn, Kaohsiung City Symphony Orchestra ,Taiwan