Range & Technical Data


Halstead and Chidell have introduced 2 'American-style' narrow rims into the range so that the many horn players who prefer this type of rim will be able to use any of the 15 PHC cups.

US-1 17.00mm 3.50mm
US-2 17.00mm 3.80mm

For Philip Farkas, the ideal rim was one that was 'neither too large nor too small'. An ideal description for these four rims which have long been popular with the many players who find a slightly larger internal diameter rim comfortable.

AN 17.50mm 3.75mm
AS 17.50mm 4.50mm
AM 17.50mm 5.10mm
AW 17.50mm 5.70mm

To meet a demand for an internal diameter that falls between that of the 'AS' and the 'S', these two most popular rims are now available with an internal diameter of 18.00mm.

AS-18 18.00mm 4.25mm
S-18 18.00mm 4.50mm

The advantages of using wider internal diameter rims are immediately apparent. More of the lip is free to vibrate within the mouthpiece, which allows greater mobility over the entire range and gives the potential for developing a greater variety of tone colours.

N 18.50mm 4.00mm
S 18.50mm 4.75mm
M 18.50mm 5.25mm
W 18.50mm 5.70mm

All 12 rims are available in a choice of 3 finishes - silver plate, gold plate and white acetal, which is hypoallergenic, has a more constant temperature and a unique 'soft' feel. All of these rims can be used with any of the 15 PHC cups.

Mk 11 Cups
All new PHC mouthpieces are made of brass and then silver plated

20 4.50mm Designed for specialist high playing, the larger bore gives less resistance than other shallow cups
20AX 4.00mm Extra-long cylindrical bore and shorter back-bore, for maximum control in the high register even when the lips are tired
21 4.80mm Medium cup with a pronounced bowl shape, for a brighter sound
21A 4.50mm A slightly smaller bore for a little extra resistance
22 5.20mm Slightly double-bowl shaped, after a Viennese design
22A 4.70mm
23 5.20mm Medium funnel cup, with a very balanced response in all registers
23A 4.70mm
24 5.20mm More bowl shaped for a warm sonority
24A 4.70mm
25 5.20mm Fairly straight sides, a deep funnel cup, giving a full, smooth sound
25A 4.70mm
30 5.20mm Very deep Viennese-style funnel cup
30A 4.80mm ***** New cup for 2008 *****
35 5.80mm A long curved cup designed especially for low players

PHC 'First mouthpiece'

The PHC "First" mouthpiece has been introduced to meet the needs of students and teachers. It gives the best starting point for players beginning to learn the horn as well as for students of other brass instruments moving to the horn.

Please click here for 'First' by PHC London information

PHC Z Cups

The 'high performance' version of our existing cups, the Z cup enhances the excellent qualities of the PHC horn mouthpiece and offers enhanced resonance and sensitivity to the discerning horn player. This is achieved by a unique super-annealing process which de-stresses the molecular structure of the brass cup prior to plating. The Z cup will 'play in' over a period of time and offers an instant response to the softest tongue action or the lightest impulse of breath. It also displays the ability to create more clearly defined pitch 'slots' in the higher register, whether tongued or slurred. Because of the sophisticated techniques involved in the manufacture of these cups supplies are limited.

PHC mouthpieces are designed by Anthony Halstead and Anthony Chidell.

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